Saturday, 13 August 2011

Let us have a pleasant blogging experience !!!!

Through this blog, share your Gayatrivantillu experience with others. If there are any pitfalls in my Videos or Recipe Texts, which I have not touched upon, caution others. Similarly share your joy of good outcomes.

Here, you are encouraged to share your Tips and Variations in the Recipes for the benefit of other food lovers. Blogging by viewers makes the content on a website richer!!!!

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For a pleasant blogging experience, I suggest the following

1. Don't forget to indicate your name, especially while blogging under "Anonymous" . Also indicate the Recipe's name while posting your comments, suggestions and queries in the box below

2. Gayatri Vantillu is an e- extension of my home where I respect each and every visitor - Big & Small, Young & Old. I express it through addressing my visitors with a traditional suffix of "Garu" / "Ji" or a prefix of Shri / Smt . For people who are not from Indian sub-continent and not familiar with Indian salutations, I prefer a prefix Mr. / Mrs. / Ms etc. I expect and insist for a similar reciprocal gesture from all my visitors.

I choose to ignore comments which do not adhere to the above two conditions.

Please note that for the benefit of others I may also post some of the e-mail queries here after reasonably editing.